Andy Smith Personal Trainer

Andy Smith was working at Virgin Brighton when the announcement came that the club was closing and making its staff redundant. Andy was a master trainer with Virgin, and has several clients that wanted to keep training with him. Andy needs a system that would handle the booking and payments for his busy schedule. Dark Star Design built a scalable booking, membership and marketing solution. Prospective clients can book a free consultation. Training packs are sold on the website either by a subscription system, paid monthly by card or direct debit, or clients can purchase pay as you go training session packs. The training packs give the clients Personal Training Session Credits that are then used to book training sessions. Because some clients are paying different pricing for different needs there is a complex pricing structure handled by different membership tiers and voucher codes. We integrated the booking system with two-way sync to his Google Calendar. Andy can view his appointments and manage his availability via his smartphone with ease. Clients can manage their payments, subscriptions and appointments in their account area on the website, including easy appointment rescheduling. Andy also holds a Bootcamp on Sunday mornings and since Covid has affected our lives he facilitates online training via Zoom.

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